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Province education DuChaZu center for guiding the work to me

日期:2012-05-14 20:06:00
June 1 to 2,, by the department of education in the social administration, deputy director of LuoGongWei for group leader, nanchang university, dean of the college of marxism HuBo items as deputy leader of the provincial education DuChaZu to I center instruction, director of the center ZhangTai city the meeting the President DuChaZu members, and education DuChaZu school inspectors province to welcome the guidance of provincial party committee education committee, department of education in our province long-term ideological and political theory course construction support, guidance, and help to say thank you. He pointed out that, in recent years, the school party and government attaches great importance to the ideological and political theory course construction, increasing investment, take various measures to raise the overall thought politics theory class education teaching level and marxist discipline construction level, in the face of the new situation and new tasks, the school will further deepen the ideological and political theory course teaching reform, and constantly improve the actual effect of the course teaching targeted. DuChaZu members also in the center LiZhong executive deputy director, accompanied by the spirit of the jinggang mountains to visit the exhibition hall, to the center in recent years in the chingkang mountains revolution and the history of the party, red resources education teaching research in the success of the said fully affirmation and praise. The members of the other personnel center also participated in the talks.