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The spirit of the jinggang mountains institute researchers listen to party history experts ShiZhongQuan academic report

日期:2012-05-12 20:16:00
Research by the central party history, deputy director of the ShiZhongQuan professors lecture "learning 17 spirit" academic report, October 31,, in QingYuan district held HuaTa hotel. Professor stone from the development course of the report points out that bright is a political declaration and action plan passes, theory, put forward the meeting of major policy and decision deployment, to capture the comprehensive construction well-off society new situation in the cause, and has great realistic meaning and strategic significance. He wants everybody to want to take seriously study, understand, grasp, resolutely implement the party congress spirit, as at present and in the future period of an important and urgent task political work, the power to determine the condensed realize the various tasks up. Deputy director of the institute LiZhong, part-time, researchers HuangHuiYun, winning to listen to the report, etc.