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Enhance the party's cohesive force, the credibility of the government, the cadre of executive power and system of the binding upon both parties

日期:2012-05-14 20:01:00

Sun zhengcai

General secretary hu jintao in celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese communist party convention in important speech deep points out, "governing test, reform and opening test, and market economy test, external environment test, is the long-term, complex and severe. Spirit of negligent dangerous, weak danger, danger from the people, the risk of negative corruption, more bitterly in the party, the party must carry out before the party, the task of the party severely than ever more onerous, more pressing." And ask all party comrades to remember history mission, "don't shake, and don't slack, don't do STH over and over again", unswervingly along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics move forward. The "four test", "four dangerous", "three no" face insults, thought-provoking, and to the whole party is a reminder of speech, the party's construction in the new era into a new state, as we pointed out the future direction. Jilin to realize "the science development, accelerate the development of urban and rural residents, trying to make a better life", the key point is that in politics, ideology and conduct and with comrade hu jintao as general secretary of the central committee keep highly consistent, unswervingly hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly adhere to the economic construction as the center, the effort to reform and opening up drive, unswervingly promote the new great project of party building. To strengthen the party's thought, style, organization and system construction and anti-corruption, combined with the practical work of jilin, outstanding key, seize key links, to enhance the party's cohesive force, in the credibility of the government, the cadre of executive power and system of the binding fluctuation kongfu.

A, the party's cohesive force, is the party's advanced nature and the important embodiment of purity, is the party full of vitality, creativity and combat effectiveness of the fundamental guarantee

The party's cohesive force as well as for the party to party members and the public appeal, also performance for party members and the public to the party's support. Enhance the party's cohesive force, is to adhere to the common thought foundation, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and expand to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the rich and the Chinese characteristic socialism theory system, stick to and perfect the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and to promote socialist core value system; Goal is to keep to struggle together, to promote the development of all the party members and the public become conscious effort, to achieve the comprehensive construction well-off society victory, and write a new chapter of happy life for the people and work hard; Is to adhere to the unity will, the party must adhere to the party, governs the party, that party organizations at all levels have always been the party leadership of the development of strong core, the general party members become to promote the development of cutting edge exemplary, led the people in opening up the new situation in the cause.

Enhance the party's cohesive force, to strengthen the party's a consciousness. Education guide party organizations at all levels and the party members and cadres fully realize the party of the environment which profound changes, always keep clear-headed and strong sense of misery, the best care in the heart of the party, the party fails to fulfill, more promising to promote the party and national undertaking development progress. Second, we need to consciously maintain overall situation. Keep a political sensitivity and sharpness, resolutely safeguard its authority, strictly abide by the party's discipline, to ensure that its resolutions unimpeded and fully implement the party's line, principles and policies and provincial party committee decision deployment, creative central and provincial party committee requirements into effect. Third, we need to take on responsibility ruling. To enhance ruling consciousness, pay attention to the party's fate, the party's will and claims to reflect the development of economy and society each link, assigned to specific work practice in, through the solid and effective work, strengthen the party's ruling foundation, strengthen the party's ruling position, complete the party's historical mission. The fourth is to practice the party's basic aim. To adhere to the people-oriented, being in power is the people idea, realizes, maintains, develops the good people's fundamental interests as the majority for all the work of the starting point and the foothold, firm the people follow the party's lead the confidence and determination, make our work to obtain the most extensive and most reliable the solid foundation for the masses and power source. Five to pay great attention to the construction of grass-roots organization. Combined with the actual jilin, in favor of rural grassroots organizations, foundation, and strong grassroots cadres quality promotion, the party members' business with rich "three project" and urban grassroots organizations have a good secretary, has a full-time staff, is a standard places, with a steady, has a set of operation mechanism of funds to create service community party organization "five one and engineering", carry out in-depth "three supporting" activities, in the border region and the implementation of "strong and prosperous common people solid edge" project for the carrier, urban and rural areas as a whole of grass-root party construction, and give full play to the grassroots organizations in promoting development, serving the people, cohesive, promote the importance of harmony. To care about caring organizations at the grass-roots level, support the basic unit party member cadre based on the actual work, improving the basic-level organization construction of new situation.

Second, the credibility of the government, is consolidating the party's ruling foundation, strengthening the party's ruling ability important premise, is the practice of people-oriented, power for the people is the basic guarantee of concept

The credibility of the government, as well as for the government at all levels through their own behavior get social public trust and recognition ability, also the performance for the government to social public influence and power. A certain sense, the government credibility height, the direct relationship between the party's ruling image, affect the party's ruling position. Increase the credibility of the government is to implement the party's program, line, principles and policies, fulfills the people whole-heartedly service tenet, and constantly improve the government at all levels of economic regulation, market supervision, social management and public service ability and the level, innovation and improvement in the various government and the methods of work, make the duty to perform well, each enterprise develop, and to win for the people to provide with justice, to provide the building with high efficiency, to provide the tree, with open to promote clean to provide, to provide guaranteed by the good image of the ruling and work performance to win people's trust and support universal sincerely.

Increase the credibility of the government, must adhere to power for the people, persistence ask government in the people, asked to in the people, asked that counts in the people, sincere to listen to the voice, really reflect the wishes, CARES about the populace hardship true, according to law, protecting the people's economic, political, cultural, social, and other rights and interests, and his feet on the ground for people's the populace, to do good. A stick to the administration according to law. Strengthen the government regulations construction, complete the regulations system, standardize administrative behavior, strictly in accordance with the law, according to legal authority and procedure to exercise power and carry out their duties, and constantly promote the government each work system