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The jinggang mountains period in social committee system soldiers management innovation of inheritance democratic values

日期:2012-05-14 20:00:00

HuBo item LiuDongHao wang Ying

MAO zedong in 1965 when the jinggang mountains on heavy said: "in the jinggang mountains, we groped for a good system, the good attitude, is now advocates hard struggle, get attention is built on the branch, even overlooked is soldiers committee." [1] in recent years, the struggle period of the jinggang mountains of soldiers committee system gradually into the theoretical research field of vision, but the visual Angle of study also mainly focus on the soldiers of the formation of the committee on the historical factors, organization form, function, significance, etc, and its political value contains the application research is less. Formed in the jinggang mountains of soldiers struggle period committee system as a specific period of the political product, and it contains advanced political value orientation for the ending of the era of revolution has not lost meaning, inherit and carry forward the spirit of the jinggang mountains, will include the committee of political value connotation advanced interpretation and using for reference. Reform and innovation of China's social management, must continue to meet the increasing of people's material and cultural needs is basic task, reflect socialist democratic politics to the requirements of the road. Therefore, the committee system of democratic values connotation interpret for innovation of China's social management, construction of the Chinese characteristic socialism society management system has granted time value.

A soldier of the committee system, democratic practice

As one of the jinggang mountains spirit three protection "soldiers committee system" produced in the land revolution period, the struggle against the jinggang mountains. In "SanWan adapted", aiming at the uprising composing the complex and team old warlordism style of serious problems, in order to clear the old army system and all the bad behaviour, MAO zedong in addition to implement branch built in even, also decisive in the red army decided to set up more than even by the election committee soldiers. He said: "China not only the people need democracy, the army also need to democracy." [2] soldiers committee is to explore the democratic forces an important way to practice. First, in the way to produce, in a military forces, regiments, battalions and companies set both soldiers committee, QuanLian soldiers congress election 5-7 people or 9 people even and executive committee, push the President 1 person; In the camp every 5 people for according to the number 1 composed of representatives of all the camp, soldiers, nominate 11-13 people camp and the executive committee composed, nominate 1 human chairman; According to the lump every 10 people for the number of representatives for the first group, nominate 17-19 people group and the executive committee composed, nominate 1 person for chairman; According to each people all 30 or 50 people for all composed of representatives of representatives, election 19-21 people or 23 people sergeant committee composed of the executive committee, choose 1 human President [3]. Second, in politics, in addition to an upcoming different officers and men outside, the life of the treatment, political status and neck, and whether it is the soldier, no matter who violate discipline, soldiers committee shall have the authority to criticize and corrected, the commander can tube warrior, soldiers can also tube company commander. Again, in the economy, and the soldiers of the economic management committee shall be responsible for daily management, food, from 5 points per person a day of wood oil and salt in a little money left over food for pocket namely "food WeiZi", about 60 per person a day to text.

Overall, the main task of the committee are soldiers five: one is to participate in military management; 2 it is to maintain the red army discipline; Three is to monitor the army economy; Four is the mass movement; Five is the political education work soldiers [3] with specific revolutionary practice, as an important carrier of the democratic revolution, the soldiers committee system arising and operation effectively advance of the army of political democracy and economic democracy, casting the up and down all the master spirit of, this is also the democratic management of our party launched the beneficial attempt. MAO zedong of that rely on soldiers committee to practice democracy socialist system gave high evaluation: "the red army's material life, so often fight so thinning, still can maintain our party's role, in addition to not outside the army which is on the inside the democracy." [2]