Research on Jinggangshan Revolutionary Road and Sinicization of Marxism

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Leading cadres should pay attention to improve the strategy power of thought

日期:2012-05-14 20:02:00


Strategic thinking refers to the overall direction, long-term, fundamental problems analysis, judgement, comprehensive, and to foresee the rational thinking, strategic thinking level is the measure of the leading cadres diathesis important standard. Greater development in the world changes under the background of large adjustment, world, of our party, feeling changes, pressing for the leading cadres at all levels grasp the characteristics of science strategic thinking, enhance strategic thinking quality, improve the strategy power of thought.

Pay attention to armed theory. Strategic thinking ability in the final analysis is a kind of theoretical thinking ability, the leading cadre to improve strategic thinking ability should master the scientific theory. Should be through to the marxism-leninism, the MAO zedong thought especially the Chinese characteristic socialism theory system of profound learning and understanding, grasps the observation, analysis, problem solving, the position of the view method, scientific judgment and accurate grasp the situation task. Special should learn the marxist philosophy, and strive to master materialist dialectics. Only learn marxist philosophy, the master materialistic dialectics, and can have before is a mainstay, can see the essence through the phenomena, catch the main contradiction in multitude, can not getting entangled in a moment the gain and loss, deal with major problems, firmly grasp the initiative work. In addition, still should learn reform, opening up and socialist modernization must range of knowledge. Knowledge is thinking of the elements, only by the steady accumulation of knowledge and knowledge structure of the constantly updated, can promote the improvement of strategic thinking ability.

Pay attention to the political training. Strategic thinking of the issues involved is always a matter of overall situation and to us, to solve these problems need to be the leading cadres have higher party spirit training, the firm political position, clear political sense, high political keen and the political distinction ability. Only about politics, to the implementation of the party's highest ideal as own objective of the struggle, and the target with their responsibilities and tasks and combined, produce high sense of mission and sense of responsibility; To correctly handle the relationship between local and global, immediate interests and long-term interests relations, eliminate all sorts of temptation and interference, make the right decisions.

Pay attention to the training of thinking. One is to strengthen strategic theory study. Leading cadres should system ZhanLveXue basic theory study, explore, understand the carefully from strategic observation, thinking ways of thinking, to realize "true through". Two is to develop a variety of thinking methods. Leading cadres in general is based on existing knowledge and experience, according to logical thinking and intuition thinking to deal with the problem. But in dealing with complex problem, still need to other thinking methods, such as by using the three-dimensional thought method, from all aspects, each level to analysis, judgement, or use of negative thinking, divergent thinking, or further mining and dialectical thinking, etc. Three is to develop the habit of strategic thinking. Pay attention to the international hot topic, familiar with concerning state policies, the related problem in higher, more wide, further to the 3 d space thinking, as much as possible from the international background and domestic situation, past experience and future needs, superior intention and oneself is actual, mainstream and tributaries and other multiple and perspectives, see a problem. More important is in work practice consciously sharpening, consciously in the strategic thinking analysis and solve practical problems, and gradually raise the strategy power of thought.

Notice to grasp the information. Information is the important strategic resources, the leading cadre to carries on the strategic thinking, should through the various ways and means, and strive to know and master the various information. Facts prove the, the leading cadre to master the greater the amount of information, knowledge is wider, strategic thinking ability is strong, the handy, so it can be really do speak, seeks the overall situation, to grasp the political event. In addition, still should be good at using outside brain. Strategic thinking will known object is often rather complicated, with only personal wisdom are hard to grasp. So, on one hand should carry forward the democracy, get together and play think tanks and decision system consulting role; On the other hand should actively of informationization decision support system planning strategy, make strategic thinking based on scientific basis. Still should build strategic thinking ability is helpful to improve the environment. Calmly, concentrate to strategic thinking. If the unsuspecting target, eager for quick success and instant benefit or into bueaucratism, greet send, they are too busy strategic problem, it will be difficult to improve the strategy power of thought.
Pay attention to the social practice. Theory knowledge, the historical knowledge can learn to get through books, and strategic thinking ability the enhancement is without practice. This requires the leading cadres and especially young leading cadres goes down to the basic unit, the thorough thorough understanding, party's national conditions and custom, and learn the knowledge and master skills used in reform, opening up and modernization construction practice, application in time and, in combination with working out the, from the people of rich and vibrant practice draw nutrition. Only by constantly research new situation, the new question solution, sums up the new experience, keep up the perceptual knowledge for rational knowledge, can we grasp the changing law of things, and constantly improve the strategy power of thought. (the author for nanjing PLA political college political committee)