Research on the History of Jingganshan Revolution and the CPC

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The leading cadre to firmly establish methedology

日期:2012-05-14 20:03:00

CAI qi

Our party is started by relying on the masses, adhere to the mass viewpoint, good at making people work is the party's fine tradition and the political advantages, is also prevent the biggest danger from the masses, withstand "four big tests" tool. The leading cadre to take from the party's long-term ruling height, firmly establish marxist methedology, insist to come from among the crowd, to the masses, all rely on the masses, all for the masses, to do a grass-roots work.

Set up the fundation is our party's long-term ruling important magic weapon

Today, although the masses in the face of environment, object, content had great changes, but the mass viewpoint, the mass line, the masses work the family heirloom cannot be lost, the flesh-and-blood ties between cannot be changed. At present, the important dissolve "three crisis", the increase of "three force".

One is the resolve "trust crisis", enhance credibility. Man without faith will not make, without a letter industry, countries without faith is not strong. In personal integrity, business integrity and good faith in government, the government credit in core position, is a vane, once the government loses faith, the whole credit building will collapse. Now, part of the government and the cadres existing "habitual distrust" phenomenon, official authority information, authority data, often faced the social public questioning. In the final analysis is the fundation in problems, mainly some cadres and the masses not marketable idea, speak not worth listening, not count. Over time, this will seriously overdrew party and the government credibility. Some political party in the world to lose power, is because lost the trust, the loss of the public base. To this, the leading cadre should stay alert, remember the concepts, improve communication with the people, and to the masses is responsible, practical action to win the trust.

Two is to dissolve the "information crisis", enhance the cohesive force. Master the practical, is the premise and foundation of work. Now, in some leading organ and leading cadres, and hearing loss, and ongoing information failure, situation, fault decision phenomenon oversight. On the face of it is to the actual situation of not having don't understand, which in essence is a serious divorced from the masses. Floating in authority, and away from the basic unit, will only partition and at the connection, impossible to grasp the truth; In the temple, are on high, only alienate and grassroots the feeling of the crowd, the key moment could not stand together with us. Only active deep into the masses, deeply rooted in the masses in, can cut the accurate pulse, grasps the public opinion, do alertness, familiar with the situation.

Three is resolve "image crisis", increase the affinity. "The body is, don't make and do it; the crooked, although make not from." Leading cadre's image, is representative of the party's image. No doubt, and now some cadres keen do surface articles, make achievements engineering, infringe upon the interests of the masses; Some of the hard and attitude to the simple and crude, damage the crowd emotions; Some ostentatious, lavishing the forgotten the populace hardship; Some abusing power for personal gain, negative corruption, and eliminates the masses confidence, etc. These climate disaster spends his kingdom, and lax DangXin morale. To solve these problems, the key is the leading cadres truly will people's heart, as relatives, treat correctly is with the public and the private and, true or false, real and virtual relationship, stick to the communist spirit home, set up the party spirit, heavy speak conduct, lead a good image.

To establish firmly the fundation is truly the populace in my heart in highest position

Our party and people's long-term share the joys and sorrows, weal and woe, to the relationship between the has a profound understanding of, there are many vivid metaphor: like a boat and water, fish and water, seeds and the earth, public servant and master, students and teachers, and so on, these are the masses of emphasis on the status and function. Any time, we should adjust our position.

One is to respect the people's main body status. The people are the makers of history, are the real heroes. People can choose you in your office, also can put you ousted and key look have really put the masses as a master. The ancients says, "the world, into fear and in losing to suddenly". The power of the most powerful, the heart of fear, can obtain the support support, stand firm stand before, if you ignore the masses, will be left the masses. Chairman MAO said, "the people of China is among thousands of 'various ge bright." The leading cadre to take the masses are born consult mind, the shelf, put down any student, must not ignore the wisdom of the masses. To respect people's pioneering spirit, good protection and mobilize the enthusiasm of the creative, make our work to obtain the most widespread public support.

2 it is genuine for the masses happy. People's happiness is the root of the communist pursuit. The communist manifesto, points out, all the past for a few exercise is the interests of the movement, the proletarian movement is for most people the interests of the movement. General secretary hu jintao, stressed that paying more attention to the people-oriented, adhere to the majority of the people from the most fundamental interests seek development and promote development, do it for the people and the development development depends on people's, the achievements of development should be Shared by the people. This year, zhejiang provincial party committee offered to efforts to achieve "material of common prosperity, mental common rich", this is the idea of happiness. "Officer next, and benefit the party", is the major political responsibility of leading cadres. Any time, should have the benefit of the masses in the first place, settle involves acute problems affecting their vital interests, in their own hard index promotion people happiness index. Marx once said: "those who bring happiness for most of the people is the most happy person". Leading cadres should do a the person of happiness.

3 it is the masses of people responsible for stand position. The position is the party's basic political position. Deal with problems, the different position. From all these years happened some group incidents look, many are made by small problems small contradictions gradually evolved into the big events conflicts, analyze the causes are the position. Should see, most group incidents are caused by the internal contradictions among the people, as long as the real stood in the position to deal with problems, there is no problem too. In fact, most of the solution of the masses event, is because the position change, do the people responsible. The leading cadre to Henry wadsworth Longfellow, multi-purpose the eye, the more the Angle of from the masses to think do things. To satisfy the crowd as fundamental standards, never do costly,